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Construction Management

Highmark’s Construction Management staff works on behalf of the owner to complete a project in accordance with plans, specifications and code requirements, with full understanding of the technology, materials, government, financing, design and engineering facets. We handle complex construction requirements accountably, accurately guiding each project from concept & planning through occupancy if needed.

Highmark’s team approach is not to replace any other profession or craft, but create and maintain an environment where all stakeholders work together on behalf of the owner and successful project delivery — on time, within budget, & cost-effectively maximizing value through two major (optional) phases:

1. Planning, Design, & Pre-Construction Phase
Highmark’s team analyzes alternatives for both the architect/engineer and owner, helping to define needs and set project criteria through:
• value/cost/zoning & land-use analysis, market research
• review of construction methods, materials, and structural components
• Budgeting and cost estimating.
• Bid packaging and coordination with the architect/engineer.
• Operational procedures.
• Identification of complex or long lead time items.
• Contract review, award, execution.

2. Construction & Delivery Phase

• Provide on-site construction administration, supervision, and coordination.
• Conducting OAC meetings.
• Developing and maintain critical path schedule, analysis & variance tracking
• Change & Cost accounting and cost control records.
• Reviewing with the owner and architect/engineer the monthly status reports, including these
• Quality of workmanship review.
• Processing change orders
• Preparing punch lists
• Arrange/Oversee & track inspections by governing authorities.
• Monitor adherence to safety programs.
• Obtaining for the owner all building equipment, operating manuals and warranties, Commissioning.
• Finalizing accounting, retainage release, final lien waivers, warranty work.
• Assisting the owner in occupancy, equipment startup, and systems operations